I don't know it this has been ever suggested. More greener VDR.

What I have in my mind is to shutdown DVB cards when not needed. Why?

I use my VDR as fileserver and web platform so I am not happy to shutdown whole 
machine (I run 24/7). I turn off harddrives to save energy, OS and X is on SSD 
drive. So it comes into question that if not timers are occouring and I 
indicate with power off-button (or even main menu-entry "power save") that I am 
not live tv -using VDR, and EPGScan is not needed, why not shutdown the DVB 
cards? EPGScan could be done with budget card on timeout, naturally if budget 
is present. After scan go to sleep again. With hitting remote could wake up the 
cards (I am not using DVB card IR remote) which needed. Like FF card for menu, 
or with softdevices, enable tv-out via that.

I don't know how much watt savings could be achieved with this, but on 
conseptual level it sounds good or do you agree?

I hope some 10-20 watts could be saved in 1xFF and 2xbudget environment. And 
less heat inside the box, on softdevices CPU runs lower power etc..

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