Morfsta wrote:
> VDR does need some of its core functionality upgraded - for example
> something like the Reel channel scan is badly missing, you should be
> able to easily scan for transponders from within VDR, just like most
> satellite receivers. 

Hmmm. My VDR automatically updates its channel list by itself, and adds 
all channels and transponders I ever needed. (which is far from what 
other receivers I know do.)
The only thing I miss is a built-in way to get rid of channels that are 
gone. (I do have my own solution though.)

> Also, other functions such as rotor, better disecq and
> sourcecaps etc should also be embedded within the core functionality
> by now.

Sure, agreed. But I don't see that there are developers that push this 
forward. Most features get developed to basic functionality, and then 
development stops, and the patch is merely ported from one version to 
the next. Before things can be included, they need to be thoughtfully 
improved to the best possible solution for all needs, because once 
included, the feature will stay for a very long time. A patch can just 
be dropped in favor of a better one, a core feature cannot.

> Perhaps a step towards a repo would be for people to work simply on
> these core patches with the aim to actually getting them integrated.
> Like mini projects, working with Klaus on the final quality on each
> one.

Been there, done that. Takes a lot more time than you would think, but 
is definitely worth it. ;)



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