I noticed a problem with multi-language broadcast with subtitles or  
actually playback of recording of that (I didn't watch it in live).  
The clip is mainly having swedish audio, but during the interviews  
audio is finnish. However audio track seems to marked as swedish only.  
During the swedish audio the clip has finnish subtitles and vice  
versa. But during the playback when finnish subtitles should be shown  
again after swedish, they will not appear. Only way to fix that is to  
stop the playback and press play again and then the finnish subtitles  
are shown again.

I noticed that subtitle menu shows that actually finnish subtitles  
might be in swedish track for a while. But still, if I stop and then  
continue the playback, VDR shows the subtitles, so I'm not sure where  
the problem is.

I uploaded the 100MB sample clip to here: 

My system consists from VDR 1.6.0-1 on FC4, TechnoTrend DVB-C FF  
2.1+Satelco DVB-C budget. Default languages are set as Finnish,  
Swedish and English in that order for subtitles and Finnish, English,  
Swedish for audio.


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