Oliver Endriss <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Guys, I can't stand this blabla any longer.

why do you read the blabla then and even bother feeding the thread?
please be so tolerant and let people discuss VDR related topics on the
vdr mailing list. thank you.

> Klaus stated clearly how he wants to do VDR development, and he has
> the right to do it his way! No matter whether you like it or not!

so what?

> My suggestion for those who are unhappy with the current situation:
> 0. Stop this discussion.
> 1. Read the GPL.
> 2. Understand the GPL.
> 2. Clone the existing VDR code.
> 3. Give it a new name to make clear, that it is not VDR.
> 4. Make it better (if you can).
> 5. Last but not least: Maintain it for 8 years or longer.

thank you for aducating us in forking a GPL project.

SCNR ...

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