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On Monday, 8. September 2008 Michael Stepanov wrote:
> Thanks a lot, Dieter, for your solution. It seems very useful. Especially
> when VDR installed from the package and not from the sources. But I don't
> understand clearly how to run your script? What parameters should be passed
> there? Just keyword plugins? And where in should be run? From the building
> pluguns directory?

I just have somewhere in my $HOME the live sources directory. I just cd into 
it and execute 'make-live' (the name of the previously posted script in my 
That will create the 'default' target of the live plugins Makefile which is 
the binary.
You can execute 'make-live clean' to clean the sources from build artefacts. 
What you pass to the script is what you would pass to the normal make call. 

That way I build only the live plugin. The sources of the live plugin are 
*not* in the PLUGINS/src/live subdirectory like it would be with 'normal' VDR 
plugin development.

A side note: the same Makefile (inside the live sources, without any 
modifications) is also suitable to build the LIVE plugin inside the VDRs 
PLUGIN directory.
Hope this helps :)

Kind regards
Dieter Hametner

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