Antti Ajanki ha scritto:
> New version of the Webvideo plugin is available at
> The Webvideo plugin allows downloading video files from video sharing
> websites YouTube, Google Video, and YLE Areena to your hard disk using 
> the VDR menu interface. This plugin only downloads videos. A separate
> plugin, such as xineliboutput or mplayer plugin, is required to play them.
> Changes since the last version announced on this list:
> 2008-08-21: Version 0.0.4
> - Updated Italian translation (thanks to Diego Pierotto)
> - Include a workaround for a bug in the libmms header file mmsx.h
>    which caused the compilation to fail
> - Fix compiler warnings
> 2008-09-08: Version 0.0.5
> - New video service: SVT Play. Contributed by Lars Olsson.
> - More robust parsing of .asx files
> - Workaround for buggy servers: if the server reports the Content-Type
>    of a video file as text/plain do not use it for deciding the file
>    extension. Try to extract the extension from the URL instead.
> - Sort service names alphabetically
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