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Subject: Re: [vdr] reelbox plugin - help compiling

> I would like to switch to vdr-1.7.0, but everytime I tried to install the 
> multiproto
> driver some issue came up:
> First I tried to get it from jhlasdflskdflii/multiproto hg, which didn't work.
> So I tried kjwezzzmbasd/multiproto hg, wasn't there etc ...
> Eventually I just gave up :(

Did you try:

hg pull http://arvdr-dev.free-x.de:8080/testdvb/
hg pull http://jusst.de/hg/multiproto/
hg pull http://jusst.de/hg/multiproto_plus/

It seems that liplianindvb is down at the moment, but according to some others 
the 1st link is a copy of the liplianindvb repository. The 2nd and 3rd are the 
'official' multiproto repo's

> Now apparently the multiproto might not be the future DVB api,
> so I wonder if it is wiser to just wait and see what happens?

Might not or might be. Since there's no S2API patch for VDR 1.7.x, you can 
still use multiproto with these versions. It works (I use a Hauppauge WinTV 
NOVA-HD-S2 myself using the liplianindvb repo) beautifully on my configuration. 
And I watch HDTV/DVB-S2 channels using the eHD without any problems. My current 
VDR uptime is now 13 days with this configuration. Before that it was 35 days, 
but I had to shutdown my HTPC so that I could move my audio/video furniture to 
a different location :/

> Josce


Niels Wagenaar

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