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a new release of the svdrpservice-Plugin is available from 

- Italian translation (thanks to Diego Pierotto)
- Commandline parameter for default server IP and port (suggested by
- Automatic charset conversion (suggested by [EMAIL PROTECTED])
  Includes patches for VDR < 1.6.1 to make it report its charset in the
  SVDRP greeting message
- Gettext support for VDR 1.5.7+
  Credits to Udo Richter for his po218n.pl backward compatibility script
- Accept empty responses (status code + space character)
- No longer strip trailing whitespace from responses
- Configurable timeouts

** What is the svdrpservice-plugin all about?
It's a little helper used by a couple of other plugins (e.g. remotetimers and
remoteosd) to contact an other VDR using SVDRP. So it doesn't make sense to
install svdrpservice as long as no other plugin requires it.

** Some notes on the new charset conversion feature
If two connected VDRs are using different charsets (e.g. a VDR 1.6 with UTF-8
and a VDR 1.4 with ISO-8859-15), svdrpservice will do an on-the-fly
conversion. However the server must report the charset it uses or otherwise
svdrpservice won't convert. Since VDR 1.6.0-2 and 1.7.1 the charset is
included in the SVDRP greeting message. In the patches subdirectory of the
plugin sources you will find patches for older VDRs (affects only a single
line). Note that you don't need to patch the client VDR (i.e. the one running

Let me give you an example:
- Server VDR running 1.6.0-2, client VDR running 1.4.7: You're all fine. No
patch required
- Server VDR running 1.4.7, client VDR running 1.6.0-2: You need to patch the
server VDR here

** What bugs will be fixed by svdrpservice-0.0.4
- A remoteosd connection aborted whenever a menu with empty title was opened
(e.g. extrecmenu plugin)
- The name of a recording as returned by the SVDRP command LSTR may end with a
space character. Previous svdrservice versions stripped that off. Some
features of remotetimers 0.1.0 (not released yet) will fail on these
recordings if an old svdrpservice version is running.


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