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> Van: Igor M. Liplianin [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Verzonden: zondag 28 september 2008 12:49
> Aan: vdr@linuxtv.org; Niels Wagenaar
> CC: Gregoire Favre; [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Onderwerp: [vdr][PATCH] S2API for vdr-1.7.0(1.7.1) quick hack
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> Hi Niels
> S2API for vdr-1.7.0(1.7.1) quick hack
> Patch is ugly and only supported DVB-S. But it is useful to begin.
> You may modify it like you wish.

Igor, thanks for the hack/patch! Now I have something to compare and this will 
speed it up for me very much :)

I didn't had time to start with it yet (Family ;). It was my plan to start this 
evening. So if I have something new, I'll report this asap :)
> Igor


Niels Wagenaar

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