I have a weird stuff going on with my vdradmin.

What's on screen shows:

No EPG information available 

YLE TV1 Arto Nyberg
Vieraina 50-vuotistaiteilijajuhlaansa viettävä Eino Grön, Teddy & The
Tigersin Teddy Guitar alias Aikka Hakala ja Päätalo-tutkija Jenni Kirves. 

So my EPG is working and epgsearch can have it loaded as it shows EPG
information on many channels.

Suitable matches for: nomads
        [short view]
No EPG information available

But when I use EPGSEARCH via vdradmin:
Search results
Monday, 09/29/2008 16:00 - 17:00 Nomads: Helihiihtoa British Columbiassa
Voom HD --- no timer --- record

So via EPG Search system can find epg info for all channels.

What could be wrong?

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