Op Zo, 28 september, 2008 23:29, schreef gimli:
> Hi,
> I'm on Astra 19.2 and tested the following HD transponders :
> Anixe HD
> Arte HD
> Astra HD+
> first test results :
> Arte HD tunes ok and plays fine.

Same here. Arte HD is a DVB-S2 transponder using the 8PSK modulation.
Locking goes without any problems at all.

> On Astra HD+ and Anixe HD im getting an error :

Astra HD+ en Anixe HD is on a DVB-S2 transponder which is using a QPSK

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> If you need further informations let me know.

I tested other DVB-S2 transponders which have a QPSK modulation. All these
didn't want to lock and gave a timeout. DVB-S2 Transponders with a 8PSK
modulation did gave a lock (Hotbird has a couple, while I don't have
subscriptions to chose channels, I'm able to lock those).

So my first impression was, it's a missing parameter in the Frontend
struct. So I made some changes and check if the transponder is DVB-S2 and
added parameters for DTV_PILOT (with data PILOT_AUTO) and when QPSK is
used with DVB-S2, to use the NBC_QPSK modulation (which is needed for
DVB-S2 if I'm not mistaken) instead of regular QPSK.

However, didn't bring me the sollution I hoped for. I now have a timeout,
lost lock and regain lock, etc, etc, etc. But it's more then it was

So I'm close. Currently I do have a small problem where I put in
parameters which shouldn't been given (oops!) and now my DVB-card doesn't
lock any more, I need to reboot first.

I hope to start to work on it this further when I'm done with work. I'll
keep you all posted :)

BTW, I did manage to get DVB-T working. At least it locks on on the
encrypted channels, but I didn't had time to check for image. Mainly since
DVB-T is my backup for channel-viewing and I wanted to focus on the DVB-S2

> cu
> Edgar (gimli) Hucek


Niels Wagenaar

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