On Thu, Oct 02, 2008 at 03:37:15PM +0200, gimli wrote:
> This is an extenions patch from Zulu for the vdr.
> You can find the package here : http://www.zulu-entertainment.de/download.php
> The latest extensions file is VDR-Extensions-Patch-64.tar.bz2 which
> contains the two patches i applied to vdr. This patch also contains
> h264 support for vdr. The only thing i had to do is use iirc. LIVEBUFFER
> and aktivate it also in the vdr setup.conf file to to make vdr-sxfe work
> with vdr 1.7.1.

Oops, I finally understand it : I should first patch with :
vdr-1.7.1_extensions.diff and vdr-1.7.1-ext_h264.diff ;-)

Now it apply cleanly.

Thanks, I'll gonna test it !!!
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