These are the cvs/svn versions of DirectFB and ffmpeg.
And yes I did do a 'make install' after compiling each.

./configure --disable-vidix --disable-xv --with-ffmpeg-path /usr/local
As well as 
./configure --disable-vidix --disable-xv --with-ffmpeg-path /usr
Both with the same error.

As far as the second hafe of your reply, I have no idea what you are talking
about .. :(~. If I need to change something in the ./configure script please
be more specific.

Thankz for your help

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Zitat von ShorTie:

> Trying to rebuild my gentoo system using the latest DirectFB, DFB++ and
> ffmpeg.
> Everytime I try to ./configure softdevice.cvs I get
> BudgetVDR softdevice.cvs # ./configure --disable-vidix --disable-xv
> --with-ffmpeg-path /usr/local/src/ffmpeg
> ffmpeg path set to: /usr/local/src/ffmpeg
> Testing system and cpu type... found Linux on i386 cpu.
> Checking for pkg-config... Found.
> Checking for ffmpeg... ./configure: line 213: ffmpeg_cflags: unbound
> variable

> Sortta seems like it's not finding ffmpeg to me, but have no clue what to
> do.
> Any help would be nice

- You could install your ffmpeg libs. By default ffmpeg's libs and
  include files will be installed in /usr/local . With this install
  target, we would usually find ffmpeg.
- The configure script has to be changed in case of "--with-ffmpeg-path
  is specified. Test for "test_ffmpeg_local" line 236 should be protected
  'if test "${ffmpeg_use_path}" = "no" ; then' after line 235 and
  closing 'fi' should be after line 239 of current cvs.

Stefan Lucke

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