I though that it would mean that I could connect the card to VDR by using
the sc plugin, but I was wrong as sc plugin seems to only support smart
cards that has serial port or serial port over usb support, like phoenix
card readers.

So I think there would be 3 options

1) Install newcs daemon (as it can read also CCID cards.
I want however avoid this as there is no sources available for

2) Create virtual serial port driver over CCID library

3) Modify smartcard.c from sc plugin to support also the CCID cards.

Has anybody worked with items 2 or 3 earlier?

Ok, attached is a patch for sc plugin to support CCID smart card readers.
The patch is not originally from me but I modified it to work with sc code available in sc trunk.

So far I have tested it with vdr-1.7.0 and liblianis multifrontend drivers with the pay channels that I have subscribed (and thus have the smart card key)

I have not tested yet with s2 api version of vdr as I have still problems to watch even free channels with my card when using vdr-1.7.0 or 1.7.1 with s2 api patches in place. (and without having any plugins)

Attachment contains the patch and in addition also the modified files in their final form. Code is simply using #ifdefs for places where CCID and serial interface differs instead of trying to abstract common c++ base class that both the serial and ccid implementations could inherit.


Attachment: vdr_sc_plugin_ccid_smartcard_support.tar.bz2
Description: ccid smart card reader support for vdr sc plugin

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