Hi, in these days I tried new version of vdr 1.7.1 with the lastest 
version of S2API.
I have an ss2 and a HVR-4000 card in my system.
I compiled and I installed  correctly the lasted driver version (s2-mfe 
first, then i tried s2 tree) but when I start vdr 1.7.1, it remains in 
black screen even if I can see the osd.
I applied every patch posted in this ml.
I also tried vdr 1.7.0 patched and this version work.
Why vdr 1.7.1 remain black while vdr 1.7.0 works?

This is a summary of my system:
Debian Etch
Core 2 Duo E6750
Skystar 2
vdr with softdevice and femon

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