On Tue, 2008-10-07 at 09:14 +0100, Andrew Herron wrote:
> I totally agree. LCN's here in the UK and in Australia is central to
> ordinary users experience of DVB (aka Freeview here in the UK). At
> present we use scan commands -u switch to generate the LCN data.
> Having vdr handle this form  of channel numbering internally would
> seem to be the better option but a plugin would be the next best
> option.

Users of a single closed system like Freeview, cable, or Sky will
certainly be accustomed to preset channel numbers in the EPG - after all
Sky et al will be charging different rates to content providers
depending on how 'premium' the channel number is..

As a result, in the UK at least, advertising for channels includes the
channel number on all three platforms - Freeview, cable and Sky..

Channel numbers might be a novel concept for users of a steerable dish,
but for most of us they're utterly standard and quite mandatory for
non-technical users.


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