>> Anyway, I have moved to Reel Multimedia's eHD card in my VDR box ...
>> which is nice. I might write up my experiences on it thus far if 
>> anyone is actually interested. There's not much English chat out there 
>> on this card, mostly in German on vdr portal and reel's own portal.

> I have bought an eHD card too, and got as far as having video out both 
> the hdmi and s-video  connector, 

Also on news (don't know how trustworthy the source is but..):


Ati's roadmap:

Let's hope those "OEM only" drivers are repackaged soon to more general
I hope Nvidia answers with similar features on their drivers. I just hope
they both make possible to use 50.000000000000Hz refresh rates on driver.

So I am holding my decision (eHD, ATI, Nvidia) for a couple of months more.
I've been experimenting HD since 2003, so I am patient..


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