I'm using vdr  1.6.0  along  with  vdr-xine  0.8.2,  xine-lib
1.1.15 and xine-ui 0.99.5 on gentoo.

Recently, I discovered A/V sync problems on my vdr.

My family confirms that these problems have  been  there  for  a
while now.

So, unfortunately, I can't pinpoint which one of my changes  led
to the behaviour described as follows:

Mostly, when I switch  channels,  it  takes  a  while  (I  would
estimate around a second) for the video and the audio to sync.

But sometimes, audio and video stay out  of  sync,  then  either
audio or video or both seem to stop, then, for  a  short  while,
they stay synced, again, then either  audio  or  video  or  both
stop, then they get out of sync, and so on...

This behaviour can occur for recordings as well.

I could neither find anything peculiar  in  the  xine-ui  stdout
messages nor in vdr's stdout messages or logs that would explain
that behaviour.

Looking for people with similar problems, I fould Simon Baxter's
problem description from 2008-05-04 on this list.

He switched from vdr-xine 0.8.2 back to version 0.8.0.

That seemed to do the trick for me as well. So far, there is no
alternation between A/V going out of and back into sync anymore.

Above, I mentioned I had made a few changes:

At some point I thought, I might reduce channel  switching  time
by using the syncearly patch.  I tried  this  for  a  while  but
wasn't really happy with it as it didn't seem to reduce  channel
switching time significantly and it took much longer  to  change
audio streams (language  of  a  programme).  So,  eventually,  I
recompiled vdr without the syncearly patch.

A lot of things seem to have changed after xine-lib 1.1.8 (which
is needed for vdr-xine 0.8.0) which I honestly cannot oversee.

As xine-lib 1.1.8 won't be supported forever, I wanted  to  find
out what could cause my problems in newer versions.

So I wanted to ask on this list, if anyone can  pinpoint  me  to
things I could try out in order  to  fix  this  issue  in  newer
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