On Wednesday 08 of October 2008, Josce wrote:
> I am having problems with subtitles:
> - vdr 1.6.0
> -
> vdr-1.5.18-h264-syncearly-framespersec-audioindexer-fielddetection-speedup.
>diff - vdr-1.6.0-truecolor-compile_fixes.diff
> - reelbox plugin
> The subtitles appear 6-10 seconds too early, which is really annoying.
> Tested the recordings on a vdr 1.6.0 + FF without the patches and the
> subtitles were displayed correctly.
> I imagine it has something to do with the syncearly, but can't say for
> sure. Can I somehow disable the syncearly part of the patches to verify
> that this indeed is the problem. ( I need the patches because I can't
> compile vdr + reelbox plugin without them )
> Josce

Which version of reelbox plugin (i.e. from which svn) are you using? There was 
some changes (from 8072) regarding sublitles.

Did you test it with latest reelbox svn?



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