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Am Sonntag, den 26.10.2008, 21:30 +0200 schrieb Kartsa:
> VDR User kirjoitti:
> >>>> has anyone on this list any experience in setting up VDR for older
> >>>> people like grandparents? It would be nice, if she/he could share
> >>>> her/his experience or point me to information on the WWW.
> >>>>         
> >>> I have experience with second best thing after grandparents. A
> >>> totally clueless user.
> >>>
> >>> Since I have setup VDR as the backend sitting near the dish, and
> >>> added a MediaMVP box next to the TV set, she can use it, record
> >>> stuff, delete recording, everything.
> >>>
> >>> We are using the Hauppauge MediaMVP together with the
> >>> vdr-plugin-vompserver on the VDR system.
> >>>       
> >> Another vote for MediaMVP and vompserver. The user interface is IMO easier
> >> to operate than commercial PVRs such as the Humax, and the noisy recorder
> >> can be kept out of the living room.
> >>     
> >
> > While I have  not had experience with this myself, I do know a few
> > users who've set up VDR for (grand)parents and wives.  From the
> > feedback I've heard, VDR works really well in those scenarios which I
> > think says a lot!  ;)
> >   
> I've put a couple of systems up for "clueless" users with no problem. 
> And now that I think of it one of them is actually a grandmother :) 
> Though I do not think that it is a handicap ;)
> The good thing is I can maintain them remotely if for some reason it's 
> necessary and thus avoid making time to go there.

That is very appealing for me too.

> I also have a MediaMVP at home but the problem with it is it does not 
> support subtitles and we have a couple channels here using them.

Could you please post the hardware components you used. As Tony said in
his reply the remote control seems to be one of the crucial parts.

I think my “clueless” people would not need a separate server and
client, since they just have one TV. So I guess, one could put
everything in one machine, which then should just run if they want to
record or play a recording. And the cable signal is loopthroughed from
the machine to the TV, when they just want to watch TV. Time shifting
would not be available during this time though. I think, the machine
would not be able to boot fast enough to be a nice user experience.



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