On Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2008, Teemu Suikki wrote:
> I have a VDR box with three DVB-T tuners.. All cards are
> saa7146+tda10045 -based budget cards.
> I have tried killing VDR when the tuner is jammed, and then try tuning
> with tzap.. Tuning fails for the "already tuned" channel, but if I
> simply tune to another transponder and then back, it tunes fine. So
> apparently the problem is that VDR doesn't even try re-tuning because
> the tuners are "locked" to specific transponders in channels.conf..

1. So for example using cardX.
2. This card gets tuned to channel C1 by VDR.
Once it loses the lock and there is an ongoing recording VDR commits suicide 
and hopes the problem fixes magically (maybe vdr-launch-script reloads 
drivers ...) but it does not.
3. You kill VDR and run
tzap C1

That also does not lock.
tzap C2
tzap C1
does make it lock.

How should VDR know, it need to lock another frequency first to re-get a lock?

This clearly is a driver/hw bug. And you can only fix it by modifying the 
So you best report this to the linuxtv-dvb mailinglist and attach more info:
exact used hardware, dmesg logs, ...


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