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> > Thanks. I should have done more research before posting though; I found
> > that PCI-e isn't usable yet so I'll have to stick to PCI (or USB if I
> > desperately wanted to keep both old cards), at least initially. One
> > thing I still couldn't find out is what are the practical benefits to me
> > of DVB-S2? Is it necessary for BBC HD and/or ITV HD? If Freesat has no
> > plans to use DVB-S2 for a few years I think I might be better off to get
> > a used Hauppauge Nova S from eBay for £20 and hope that Linux supports
> > PCI-e cards one day.
> Most HD channels still work on DVB-S. But if you want a future proof
> card, go for DVB-S2.
> To my knowledge, BBC HD and ITV HD still work on DVB-S.
> There are already some providers migrating to DVB-S2. And some, like
> MEO on 30W, broadcast only on DVB-S2.

That's the point, I don't necessarily want to future proof this card,
because for ultimate future-proofing I'd want PCI-e and that's not
currently viable with Linux. My hope is that by the time I really want
DVB-S2 there will be Linux drivers for PCI-e DVB cards so what I buy now
would just be a stop-gap.

According to Wikipedia Meo is a Portuguese subscription broadcaster.
Perhaps I've got the wrong provider there, but it doesn't sound of much
interest to me! English is the only language I understand well enough to
follow on TV.

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