Simon Baxter wrote:
> Can anyone suggest a howto, or can guide me on how to circumvent this 
> entirely?  Basically I need to:
> 1) auto log into 'vdruser'
> 2) start xine

This sounds familiar, and leads to the question: Do your *really* need a 
window manager? Or do you just run xine fullscreen all the time?

At that point, I've decided to go my own way without login screen and 
without window managers. My runvdr extreme script, latest version, can 
fire up its own X window sesssion and runs VDR within that X session. 
The default runlevel therefor does not start any gdm/kdm/xdm for X and 
login at all, just like a text console only. And if I really need to log 
in, I use the VDR commands menu to switch to a different runlevel where 
VDR is stopped and gdm is started, giving me a normal X login screen.

You can use the latest runvdr extreme as sample how to do that. Or just 
use it anyway. ;)
(note: site may be temporarily down next days, mail me if you need anything)



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