On Wednesday 19 of November 2008, Morfsta wrote:
> Hi,
> I've posted this to the reel multimedia forum but have had no
> response, so thought I'd try here.
> This might have been covered in German on the VDR forum or on the Reel
> forum so I'm hoping someone knows about it.
> I am using VDR and eHD (SVN 8858) and I get picture break ups (ongoing
> pixelisation and stutter) until I change channel up and down. This
> happens only on HD channels and usually occurs after about 10 minutes
> of completely normal viewing.
> Has anyone experienced this and is there any fix?
> Thanks,
> Morfsta


I've this problem also observed. When it appers I switch to some FTA SD 
channel and back and in most cases the problem doesn't appear more. It seems 
that some structure is not reinitialized properly when switching between HD 

But I've problems also with some other channels, even SD. For example do you 
have problems with this channel?


I'm getting few seconds of interrupted video and then the video is stalled. 
Interesting is that sound is running without problems.



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