I'm currently upgrading most of my VDR systems (going to diskless NFS 
clients), using preferably prebuilt packages (so much easier to maintain 
than custom patched ones ;-).
I was wondering what was the plan regarding the upcoming Debian lenny in 
e-tobi repo ?

There are some packages I'd like to use from there :
* xserver-xorg-video-openchrome : currently using xserver-xorg-video-via 
instead, but support seems to be much improved in openchrome
* new kernel, for more hardware support (unfortunately, etch LIRC kernel 
package for serial receiver does not compile with 2.6.24 from 
etch-n-half, and I don't want to start tweaking everything)

I also experience weird problems (crashes, double OSD, etc.) with 
xineliboutput (sxfe), and would like to remove all causes related to old 
versions (as much as plain etch now feels "old": xinelib, openchrome, 
xorg, etc.).


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