> * diskless system : EPIA ML6000 / 600MHz, 512MB, diskless, 100Mbps
Ethernet, 12V power supply, no fan, no noise : 25W off the wall while
decoding video

Blah, only one PCI slot. Where are proper low-power MB's with 2 or more PCI
slots for DVB-cards?  And how much does the server (NFS, DVB-card(s)) use

PCH power requirements:
> I happened to have my Kill-A-Watt nearby and this is what I found:
> With the HD spinning: 180mA / 12Watts
> With the HD idle and the PH in standby: 100mA / 6Watts

And PCH supports upto 1080p (or 1920x1200 with 16/10 monitor) with no micro
judders.. :) Just the UI is needed for full VDR-usage.

- Jori

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