>>>> Blah, only one PCI slot. Where are proper low-power MB's with 2 or
>>>> more PCI slots for DVB-cards?
> Asrock A780FullDisplay without DisplayPort card
> AMD Athlon X4 3850e
> 2GB DDR2-800
> 300W 80+ Green
> 1x Momentus 7200.3 250GB 2,5"
> 3x WD Caviar Green 1TB 3,5"
> Terratec Diversity (Dual Tuner) USB DVB-T
> 2x extra Fans
> While recording two DVB-T channels ~ 60W (UPS tells it).
> The WD drives build up a RAID5.
> The A780 chipset is nice for low-power needs.

Yes, I have AMD 780G also in my vdr server and in clients I am currently 
using the vdr-xineliboutput.

What I have now tried to search for is a fast booting client for my old 
P700, that could boot automatically to X with dummy user and then launch 
the vdr-xineliboutput.

The ideal would be that once bios checks have been done, rest of the boot 
would for getting X and vdr client running would take less than 30 seconds 
from the bios checking,  but currently I am very far from that and I am 
not sure what would be the best option for the client.

1) local harddisk for booting and launching X and vdr-sxfe
2) nfs mount from server for booting and launching X and vdr-sxfe
3) local harddisk booting X and connecting to server with XDMCP.
    (would video and audio work over XDMCP from server?)
4) lpts5 where some apps would be run from server, while multimedia like
    vdr-sxfe would be run from client harddisk

What kind of solutions what boottimes you have for the clients?


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