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> The A780 chipset is nice for low-power needs.

That's not what I found. I tried to install an Asus MA738EMH last week
and had to give up in the end and replace it with a similar board with
NVidia 8200 graphics (that choice based on the VDPAU announcement),

Xorg's radeonhd driver (I used their latest release version, which is in
debian experimental) didn't enable even basic Xv acceleration for the
3200 graphics, so the Athlon X2 4850e CPU I used could barely manage
720p.  Fglrx was OK with MPlayer but Xv didn't work at all with xine and
with OpenGL it caused unrecoverable screen garbling when switching from
full-screen to windowed mode. The whole system would regularly crash
when not doing anything too, and I think that even happened once or
twice with the radeonhd driver.

The new board has worked flawlessly from day one and I expect VDPAU will
be nice and stable and well supported by the time I really need it (for
1080p), whereas it's hard to imagine the ATI ever getting usable
acceleration even for H.264.

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