using vdr-1.7.1 patched for S2API with vdr-1.7.1-s2api-07102008-vanilla.patch
and DVB drivers from yesterday (via: hg clone http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb).

I've the following issues (tuned to ZDF):
- playing with softdevice there is no video, but audio and subtile work.
- dumping the data I got via PlayVideo() to a file neither ffplay nor
  mplayer can identify stream info from dumped data.

- additional implemented methods PlayTs*() won't get called.

class cSoftDevice : public cDevice {
  cMpeg2Decoder *decoder;
  cVideoOut *videoOut;
  cAudioOut *audioOut;


  cSoftDevice(int method, int audioMethod, char *pluginPath);


  virtual int PlayVideo(const uchar *Data, int Length);
#if VDRVERSNUM >= 10701
  virtual int PlayTSVideo(const uchar *Data, int Length);
  virtual int PlayTSAudio(const uchar *Data, int Length);
  virtual int PlayTS(const uchar *Data, int Length, bool VideoOnly = false);

Stefan Lucke

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