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> Only, in the US most of the HDTV transports don't use H264. At least, I
> heard from several people that it's HDTV through MPEG2. Over here (Europe)
> it's mostly HDTV through H264 (only a very small number of MPEG2 HDTV
> channels over here).

You've been given bad information.  There are _some_ HDTV channels
broadcast in mpeg2 but most are h264.

> Currently I need to use a Core 2 Quad (Q6600 @ 2.40GHz) to get decent and
> stutter-free H264 decoding using software (FFMpeg SVN, Xine-lib 1.2,
> Xine-UI and vdr-xine plugin). With my Core 2 Duo (E7300 @ 2.53Ghz) I
> didn't had enough juice (stuttering, framedrops, etc).

You absolutely do not need a quad-core CPU and your Core 2 Duo should
easily handle h264 decoding.  I'd say something was misconfigured or

Btw, I use CoreAVC here and the cpu usage doesn't go above about 87%
on that x2 4400.  The h264 implimentation in ffmpeg was very unstable
when I tried it although I heard it's gotten much better.

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