I'm new to using git to obtain sources, and can't seem to get the vdpau sources 
into my
local ffmpeg git tree. In /usr/local/src/VDPAU i've pulled the ffmpeg
sources creating a ffmpeg-git directory with the usual ffmpeg data in
it. I then try to pull the vdpau sources with  "git clone --reference
git://repo.or.cz/FFMpeg-mirror/ffmpeg-vdpau.git". This creates a
ffmpeg-vdpau directory with nothing but .git in it; no sources. Anyone
with more experince in this have any pointers on what I am doing wrong? 
I'm in the US running vdr 1.6.0-2 on an AMD x2 4600+ using ffmpeg
and xine and have no problems with HD MPEG2 and H264 up to 1080i (some
occasional stuttering), but the 1080p channels fail miserably. While
waiting patiently for xine to support VDPAU, I'd like to get the driver
and ffmpeg working with Mplayer to try things out.


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