isn't there support for VDPAU support for xine if you compile xine with option 
--with-externel-ffmpeg ?

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> Betreff: Re: [vdr] New Video Decode and Presentation API from NVidia
> An:
> Datum: Dienstag, 25. November 2008, 15:13
> I'm new to using git to obtain sources, and can't
> seem to get the vdpau sources into my
> local ffmpeg git tree. In /usr/local/src/VDPAU i've
> pulled the ffmpeg
> sources creating a ffmpeg-git directory with the usual
> ffmpeg data in
> it. I then try to pull the vdpau sources with  "git
> clone --reference
> /usr/local/src/VDPAU/ffmpeg-git
> git://". This
> creates a
> ffmpeg-vdpau directory with nothing but .git in it; no
> sources. Anyone
> with more experince in this have any pointers on what I am
> doing wrong? 
> I'm in the US running vdr 1.6.0-2 on an AMD x2 4600+
> using ffmpeg
> and xine and have no problems with HD MPEG2 and H264 up to
> 1080i (some
> occasional stuttering), but the 1080p channels fail
> miserably. While
> waiting patiently for xine to support VDPAU, I'd like
> to get the driver
> and ffmpeg working with Mplayer to try things out.
> Thanks
> Todd
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