VDR isn't fetching EPG info for my DVB-S channels. At best it shows
what's on now and next but many channels seem to have no data at all.

My dish is a Sky minidish, so I presume I don't have diseqc. To "seed"
channels.conf I used the scan utility from linuxtv-dvb-apps, with the
initial tuning files for Astra-28.2E and Eurobird1-28.5E because I read
that's where Freesat is broadcast from. I noticed that the provider for
all the channels is listed as "BSkyB", so does this mean I'm getting
"Freesat from Sky" rather than the BBC/ITV consortium?

ISTR reading that Freesat's EPG is on Eurobird1. Perhaps I accidentally
masked it out because I tried to mask out encrypted channels and
non-TV/radio? But I would have thought VDR would add it back, because it
doesn't mask on its own scans.

Or perhaps scan's output isn't quite compatible with VDR, even with the
-o vdr option? I know this causes lots of trouble with the DVB-T
channels, because VDR adds copies of channels if they're not quite in
the format it likes best and then gets a bit weird with them, including
not providing EPG info for the channels from the external scan tool.
I've managed to resolve this for DVB-T, but there are so many satellite
channels (mostly not of interest to me) I can't really keep track of
which ones came from scan and which from VDR, and some VDR claims are
"unavailable" even though they should be FTA.

It would be good if the developers of scan and VDR could advise each
other so they're properly compatible with each other and if VDR could
have an option to run a separate program for building channels.conf so I
could do all sorts of tricks like filtering out encrypted channels and
sorting the ones I'm interested in.

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