On Samstag, 29. November 2008, Stefan Lucke wrote:
> Hi,
Hi Stefan!

> the attached program segfaults when using a larger local variable.
> Depending on used value I get segfaulst at different locations.
> //#define BUFSIZE (9*1024*1024-16*1024) // only segfault
> #define BUFSIZE (8*1024*1024-16*1024) // hello + segfault
> //#define BUFSIZE (8*1024*1024-32*1024) // hello + 2nd line
> When using last definition of BUFSIZE every thing is fine.

I guess linux has some limit on the stack-size. Sounds like 8MB in your case.
But why can't you just alloc large data on the heap with malloc as everyone 
else does?


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