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> Hi Tony,
> Tony Houghton wrote:
> > VDR isn't fetching EPG info for my DVB-S channels. At best it shows
> > what's on now and next but many channels seem to have no data at all.
> Ever since the Freesat platform was launched a few months ago, the EPG 
> data is being broadcasted along the program on a non standard PID. Take 
> a look at this page http://www.rst38.org.uk/vdr/ . There is a patch 
> (Patch for vdr 1.7.x) which enables VDR to fetch the EPG data from live TV.
> The patch for 1.7.x also applies cleanly to 1.6.0. Make sure to do a 
> "make clean && make" after applying the patch.
> It is working well on my VDR machine.

It sort of works for me with 1.6.0, but not quite well enough. VDR now
lists all the times correctly but most of the programmes still have no
titles or program info. I've installed updated freesat.t1/2 files,
restarted VDR and forced a scan.

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