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> Hi
> I have read all your exchange since beginning but I still do not understand 
> and
> really curious to know what is the real gain to patch VDR and wait at least 30
> minutes to have EPG instead of using Loadepg plugin who do the full job in 2
> minutes ?

Well, loadepg is a manual thing, I had some problem with it with my 
setup (I have to tune to the channel with the epg, it wouldn't do it by 
itself here) and I didn't know it worked with freesat (I mainly used it 
in the past to get epg for the italian channels on hotbird).
Now that some time has passed, I have one week epg (it seems to be 
complete now, even for channels that I wasn't tuned to while updating) 
that hopefully will be automatically updated by itself.


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