Please advice how to configure xineliboutput in the best way...
I have 1.7.1 + ext64 patches, xineliboutput 1.0.3, nVidia card with latest

After many tests I have the following:
Using --hud gives best OSD I ever seen, but it shows only the OSD when the
output window is in focus and no playback. When I select another window
(loose focus), I see the playback, but this way I can't control it...

Using opengl video output gives me the best playback quality with lowest CPU
usage, but it doesn't show any OSD at all, nor software nor hardware.

Using xv video output with deinterlacing takes about 40-50% of CPU on my
E6600 system. OSD is shown ok (don't remember already, but I think only
software based OSD works well).

Using xxmc video output with deinterlacing takes less than 40% CPU, hardware
OSD works well, but with tvtime deinterlacing looks like frames are dropped.
Non tvtime deinterlacing doesn't look that good.

Using xvmc output doesn't work since there is a module that can't be found.

Please advice how can it be configured to have both low CPU, good
deinterlaced image and an OSD (preffered the --hud one).

Thank you.
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