> > > I have introduced VDR to at least 20 people (mostly windows-users)
> > > over the years, but this may be the day it ends.
> >
> > It appears you think that VDR will never get a plugin that can utilise
> > the VDPAU (or similar) api?
> >
> Why should it depend on VDR or its plugins? The only reason when VDPAU
> would be used, is in combination with software based device output plugins
> like the xine & xineliboutput. As soon as Xine supports VDPAU, then the
> VDR plugins *should* support it as well.
> For other (read: hardware) output devices, VDPAU isn't used at all.
> And from my point of view, MythTV is still not as accesible compared too
> for instance Mediaportal or Microsoft MCE. IMHO, the best combo is still
> VDR for DVB viewing in combination with XBMC for multimedia viewing. But
> then again, this is my oppinion :-)

I hope in nearly future we will have 2 variants - 

xine-lib with external ffmpeg supported vdpau 
xine-lib with vdpau support without ffmpeg


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