On 07.12.2008 13:21, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Attached is an updated version of the patch to make VDR use
> the S2API. Dominik Strasser reported that he got log entries like
>   Dec  6 18:39:02 VDR vdr: [4102] ERROR: frontend 0: Das Argument ist 
> ungültig
>   Dec  6 18:39:02 VDR kernel: DVB: adapter 0 frontend 1935763502 symbol rate 
> 0 out of range (451875..7230000)
> and I now also get
>   Dec  7 13:03:26 vdr2 vdr: [3441] ERROR: frontend 0: Invalid argument
>   Dec  7 13:03:26 vdr2 kernel: DVB: adapter 0 frontend 0 symbol rate 0 out of 
> range (5000000..45000000)
> when trying to tune to a DVB-S2 channel.
> The attached patch logs the value put into the DTV_SYMBOL_RATE slot,
> and it appears to be fine. Why the value falls back to 0 when tuning
> is currently totally unclear (as is the large frontend value in Dominik's
> case).
> Any help in debugging this would be appreciated.

Some more info: apparently the problem only happens if a DVB-S2 card
(a TT-budget S2 3200 in my case) is (attempted to be) tuned to a DVB-S2
channel after the driver has been freshly loaded. Once the card has
been tuned to a DVB-S channel, subsequent tuning to DVB-S2 channels works fine.

Now I'm unsure whether this is a VDR bug or a driver bug...


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