Reinhard Nissl schrieb:
> I came across the same issue when I coded vdr-xine. My
> understanding of FF-cards is that they use PTS only to
> synchronize audio and video streams, and not to determine the
> absolute replay time. As a result the frames are simply output
> one after another according to their coded display duration.

I just posted a related question on the VLC ML, maybe the cause of my 
problem is the same, that the PTS information does not represent the 
absolute position in the recording. Here is a copy:

> playing video files, recorded by VDR, results in strange values of the
> "current position"/length indicator on the standard VLC interface. So
> the indicator shows an offset of e.g. 10h. and a length of 10:45,
> although the whole recording only takes 45min.
> I uploaded a sample of 6 sec. to http://fabian-wolter.de/001.vdr (6MB),
> where the indicator shows 5:31:21 / 5:31:27 when the recording starts
> playing.
> Normally that doesn't bother me, since the slider works properly. It
> starts leftmost and ends rightmost. But now I want to use libvlc to play
> these files and I'm wondering where to get the right timing information
> to implement a slider on my interface. The libvlc_MediaPlayerTimeChanged
> event gives me the current position with the offset named above. Same
> with libvlc_media_player_get_length.


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