Reinhard Nissl wrote:
> Is there a regular chance for you to reproduce this issue?
> I could send you a code fragment then which would store a
> reasonably sized fragment of the TS stream which would help me
> very much in solving this issue.

It hasn't happened again yet, and I don't think the chance is high that 
it will occur again, even during bad reception...
I have extracted the TS data that was passed to cRemux::Put from the 
coredump though (24440 bytes, I'll send it to you in a separate, private 
When I just feed this data to a pristine cRemux instance ('cRemux *remux 
= new cRemux(1023, 0, 0, 0, true); remux->Put(data, sizeof data);'), it 
doesn't trigger the bug however, so it depends on some state generated 
by earlier packets I probably can't access anymore.
When I hack cTS2PES::ts_to_pes to always set "done=true;" at the start 
of the function, write_ipack recurses in a similar fashion, though...
Maybe that helps... if you need earlier TS packets, maybe I could try to 
dump them from the ringbuffer...



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