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> What is the best FF hardware solution if you have in my case only one
> provider, which means one smartcard. But you want to watch an
> encrypted channel on one transponder and record another on a different
> transponder from the same provider. Do you require 2x FF cards with
> both their own CI -> CA -> smartcard with each having it's own
> subscription? Or is there a cheaper alternative that is legal? Or
> could someone point me in a direction where I can look? Nobody seems
> to explain this clearly. Nothing on the VDR wiki english FAQ page

You use something called opensasc-ng, and it's not dependent on VDR in  
any way, so it's irrelevant for this list. Google for that term to  
find out more.

I use it in order to get foxtel working digital/native with VDR here  
in Australia in a dual tuner setup, and in most country it's not  
strictly illegal, although it's most likely in breach of the contract  
you signed when you subscribed to the pay tv service that you receive.

Torgeir Veimo

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