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> On 09.12.2008 17:22, Hanno Zulla wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >> I'm pretty sure there are quite a few systems out there using
> >> FF DVB cards. I wonder why you are constantly arguing against
> >> them ;-)
> >
> > I own an FF card for two reasons only: It offers better video quality on
> > a CRT TV and vdr (1.6) prefers it.
> >
> > There are a few things to dislike about FF cards these days. To mention
> > just a few:
> >
> > - expensive
> > - big! (a smaller vdr box would be nice)
> > - problems with QAM 256
> > - bandwidth problems (see Full TS Mod)
> >
> >
> > Not too long from now, I want to replace the CRT TV and with it, one of
> > my two reasons to use a FF card will be gone.
> >
> > So yeah, it'd be nice to see vdr moving away from FF cards or
> > specialized hardware such as the eHD.
> >
> > A generic (modern) graphics card should be enough and it should be
> > easier to setup for vdr.
> Why don't you just use such a graphics card then?
> Of course you'll need a plugin that implements a proper cDevice
> for it, but that has nothing to do with VDR itself...
> I'll probably move cDvbDevice into a separate plugin in the process
> of switching to S2API, but that won't by any means mean that VDR
> "moves away from FF cards". You can already use any output device you
> like, provided there's a plugin for it.

Of couse you can, either with xineliboutput, xine-vdr or softdevice.
But the disadvantages are clear: Modern GPUs support more than the OSD
provided by VDR (even older gpus do that).
So none of these Output-Plugins will face the real problem: The OSD is
(mostly) limited to work with FF cards.
Many problems occour if you plaing a .avi file with xineliboutput, which has
a lower res than the TV - the OSD gets stretched and is nearly unreadable.
But thats only one of the problems with the OSD - its OK for TV, but it
could be mutch better.

Many concepts of todays Media Centers are just nice.
Name it: XMBC, Elisa, WMC, AppleTV; Some proof-of-concepts as Entertainer
(clutter + python), Gloss (clutter mythtv frontend), kaffeine-gl (very
experimental in kde4 branch).
Not only the effects are nice, also the concepts of using it (xmbc has
support for wiimote and such devices) etc.

But when it comes to TV Watching and Recording and so on, there is NO better
solotion than the VDR. And this is really your fault ;-) (and the

Even if you don't like such interfaces, they are the future.
I think VDR should be modular enough to implement such a Frontend/Output (is
it a OSD?). AFAIK this is not possible in the current state.

Just my opinion.

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