Goga777 wrote:
>> I hope you don't buy an eHD card since I don't believe it's the way to 
>> go and it would drive VDR in the wrong direction. I'm sitting here with 
>> a €65 nvidia 8200-based motherboard playing 1080p videos with the cpu 
>> 97% idle using vdpau and ffmpeg! 
> which cpu do you have ? What about pictures quality on your TVset ? are you 
> using hdmi ?
> so , did you test a lot of 1080i/1080p samples ? or only test samples from 
> NVidia ?
This is with a 4850e but I'm sure a €20 LE-1150 would do this without a 
problem. An Intel could just allow digital video on Atom boards, that on 
a mini-ITX with nvidia 9300 would be ideal. I havn't tried a lot yet, 
just Apple trailers and that's not really a good test,I know. And 
there's still work to do on image quality but it's a great first 
attempt. But there's no deinterlacing that I know of yet. I'm using hdmi 
including audio on a 1360x768 LCD.

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