Georg Acher wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 09, 2008 at 07:34:19PM +0100, Magnus Hörlin wrote:
>> I hope you don't buy an eHD card since I don't believe it's the way to 
>> go and it would drive VDR in the wrong direction. I'm sitting here with 
>> a ???65 nvidia 8200-based motherboard playing 1080p videos with the cpu 
>> 97% idle using vdpau and ffmpeg! That's NOT software decoding if you ask 
>> me. And now that hdmi audio finally works with nvidia it's just awesome. 
>> I REALLY hope the xine guys will get this running soon.
>> Btw, thanks to Klaus and the rest for all the work you put into this.
>> /Magnus H
> Why all this eHD-bashing? Just because a *commercial* company already made a
> complete HDTV-vdr-solution more than 18 months ago that the vdr-community
> hasn't achieved until now? 
> Of course the eHD won't live forever, probably not half as long as the
> FF-card, but it solved an imminent issue at that time and it allowed to run
> vdr and HDTV on it.
> I also favour decoding in the graphics card instead of dedicated HW, but
> please make a reality check: For Linux, this option is now available for 4
> weeks or so...
> BTW: The HDTV/h264-capability is in no way related to the eHD, so it simply
> cannot drive vdr in the wrong direction. If you look at the stuff that the
> reelvdr already has in its core for TS/HDTV/h264-handling you will see that
> there is ZERO dependency on the eHD. The eHD-reelvant code is just an
> output-plugin similar to the softdevice-plugin.
> The reelvdr code base is tested by a really large number of users (many
> thousands and not many geeks ;-) ). Is there any specific reason why you
> don't want to profit from the experiences RMM already made?
I'm sorry if you think I was "bashing" the eHD card or RMM, that was not 
my intention. What I meant was that I hope Klaus doesn't buy one because 
I think that would keep him in the "ff-card/one computer/one 
user"-thinking longer. If he switched to using xinelib/ffmpeg I think we 
would see a "separated vdr-backend with multiple frontends 
capability"-scenario a lot sooner, don't you? Or is it just me who 
sometimes like to look at some other show than my wife or kids, even 
though I love to be with them most of the time?

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