Hello everybody,

Here I want to share my personal experience with vdr and streamdevice 

So, the main task was the following: to stream encoded vdr-stream from 
my vdr through internet (not in local net!) to the client machine (to my 
friend). For encoding you need to have a good machine, at least 3000Mgz. 
I used E2160 Dual Core Intel processor and Abit I-N73HD motherboard. To 
stream into internet you need to have also good upload speed, at least 
500-700 kb/s. Below you can find vdr configuration files for 
file /etc/vdr/plugins/plugin.streamdev-server.conf has only one line:


and executable file /var/lib/vdr/tools/externremux.sh :

rm -f $OUT.avi /tmp/$OUT.log
killall -9 cat
mkfifo $OUT.avi
cat $OUT.avi & /usr/bin/mencoder "$IN" -ovc x264 -x264encopts 
-oac lavc -lavcopts acodec=aac:abitrate=20  -o $OUT.avi &>$OUT.log
rm -f $OUT.avi /tmp/$OUT.log
killall -9 cat

Now what about client? We experimented a lot, my friend even wrote a 
standalone program for that, but finally he found that xbmc version from 
svn,  patched by external-player patch
and with vdr plugin
is all he needed to watch stream from my vdr.

He also use wakeonlan to boot my vdr machine. Taking into account 6 
hours difference in time between our countries he doesn't bother me.

TODO It is a good idea to implement possibility to use external player 
(mplayer for example) in stream-device client. Then you can watch 
encoded stream on the vdr. For a present moment you can only watch mpeg2 
stream and only in local network.

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