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> Niko Ringelstein wrote:

>> Jörg Knitter wrote:

>>> In the video, it looks like the the user is using a main menu entry, 

>>> that why I wondered, because the XBMC VDR plugin does not seem to 

>>> support OSD transmission.


>>> Joerg



>> As far as I know it connects via streamdev-client.


> Then, IMHO the OSD would be missing and the switch time would be longer 

> - that´s why I ask. So I assume that he is using sxfe-vdr...


> Joerg


Anyone using VDR together with Freevo?

It assumes VDR is run headless in the background with softdevice or

xineliboutput or vdr-xine plugin...

When user selects VDR from Freevo menu it will just launch softdevice

frontend and disconnect Freevo from LIRC (via Freevo plugin).

When you close softdevice screen, it disconnects VDR from the LIRC (there

is a special SVDR command for it).

Probably something similar is used with XMBC.


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