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Hi Klaus,
> What is the motivation behind the logic of not allowing duplicate channels
> in channels.conf file?
> I've tried to mimic channels settings of my Topfield receiver where I have
> favorite channels divided in
> different groups, while I can still access any channel on any satellite.
> I've intended to have it that way:
> :News
> :Sport
> :Kids
> :Radio
> :@10000 All
> :Sat1
> :Sat2
> :Sat3
> Where SatX group has all the channels of that satellite and
> News,Sport,Kids,Radio groups will
> act as favorite channels groups having the same channels as in SatX groups.
> I had to change some functions in channels.c to update all duplicate
> channels when an update should
> be done.
> If anyone is interested I'll post it here.
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