Seppo Ingalsuo wrote:
> Clemens Kirchgatterer wrote:
>> vdr in a massive client server configuration is a giant hack with many
>> pieces each with its own little problems summing up.
> Not giant system, but some experiences: I have one server running three 
> instances of vdr. Vdr #2 and #3 are connected by streamdev to vdr #1 
> that owns dvb hardware. Timersync plugin syncronizes timers to vdr #1. 
> Three client PCs run just vdr-sxfe as explained in xinelibout's README file.
My experience with a vdr#1 on a box with a dvb-s FF and a dvb-t card. 
And a vdr#2 connected via streamdev.

It works, but it's really an hack/mess and lack lot's of features :

- on my configuration the recording only work on vdr#1. on vdr#2 svdrp 
should be used to control recording and ftp to read them (with a video 
- on my configuration some dvb-s and dvb-t channels are the same. If 
vdr#1 is watching a channel on dvb-s (that is also on dvb-t), but vdr#2 
want to use another transponder on dvb-s, the switch should be done by hand.
- I have got issue for some channels that are encrypted at some hours 
and free at other hours
- IRRC nothing that stop the master (vdr#1) to powerdown (even if vdr#2 
is in use). Nothing that allow vdr#2 to powerdown vdr#1 if nobody watch TV.
- no channel sync

I wanted to give a try to mythtv (or freevo) but neither of them doesn't 
seem to support output on FF card.


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