On 16.12.2008 20:51, Artem Makhutov wrote:
> Hi,
> Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
>> On 16.12.2008 20:36, Artem Makhutov wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> is h264 working with VDR 1.7.2?
>> It might, in live Transfer Mode, if the output device processes
>> the TS data and is capable of replaying h.264.
>> Other than that VDR doesn't know anything about h.264 yet.
>> It will deal with detecting frame borders after TS recording/replay
>> has been implemented, which will be pretty much the next step.
> So recording h264 streams with vdr 1.7.2, and then playing back the
> recorded files with an external application does not work too, right?

VDR 1.7.2 can't record h.264 streams yet.
AFAIK the existing h.264 patch makes the existing PES recording
format handle h.264, but that's not the way VDR will go. It will
switch completely to recording plain TS, and *then* will also handle

In live Transfer Mode the TS is already sent to the output device,
so if a h.264 capable device handles TS, it should already be able
to show live h.264 video (haven't tested that yet, though).


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